APT Method


The APT Method is the result of experiments and contamination made by Benedetti,
both as an athlete and as a dancer/performer.

The Method is based on authorizing and re-educating the performer to recover emotional/cognitive processes involved in child primordial learning which guided all of us in the very beginning: watching, making mistakes, elaborating.
In Benedetti’s formative experience, he noticed the difficulty of the student/performer to emotionally manage the frustration of the action failure, the difficulty of being independent while answering to a performative request, the difficulty in accepting the evaluation, often confused as a limiting and obstructive judgment of the growth process and not as a chance for a confrontation or to analyse the movement.
Frequently, the urgency induced by the technical study make the performer neglect the need of a natural learning time bringing him/her to the mistake or to the feeling of not being immediately able to satisfy the request.
From this analysis, a series of working protocols took shape bringing to the birth of APT Method.
Specifically, starting from the recovery of the most instinctive part of the movement, often lost or impoverished in adulthood, the study of the movement started, analyzing its structure through the principles of biomechanics and the recovery of the functional concept of actions.
The intent is to get undress of any technique to allow the sincere recovery of the action perception, moving away from the cerebral and rational approach, regaining the movement, necessary to support the technical skills of the various languages.
In parallel, through work protocols towards the formation/construction of the physical condition, an attempt to stimulate the physical/emotional state of the performer is made, in order to renew the confrontation with one’s own limits, to know them, accept them and overcome them, as well as improve the performative condition and, consequently, the self-esteem.
The aim is to develop the concept of Resilience, the ability to cope positively with traumatic events of both psychic/emotional and physical nature and reorganize them in a functional way, remaining sensitive to the opportunities, without alienating one’s own identity.
As a last phase, last but not least, the Program will focus on space exploration and management, through the alternation of codified and free requests, stimulating the performer to reclaime the  concept of autonomy and responsibility for the action.