APT Project

First of all, APT Project wants to give an alternative point of view towards the current contemporary artistic language, in which the desire to be contaminated is increasingly evident, and in which the space, meant as a place of transit, needs to widen its boundaries and its walls.
APT Project aims to become a reference point for communication agencies in order to realize photo shoots, fashion editorials, commercials, music videos, short films, or to become testimonials for any Brand, providing an alternative artistic professionalism and expressiveness . The project as a whole was born from the personal experience of Paolo Benedetti, founder and artistic director of APT, as well as performer, acrobat, choreographer and master of international experience.
Furthermore, there is a growing demand in the artistic field of acrobatic physical abilities, able to integrate harmoniously with the various artistic fabrics, from the most theatrical/contemporary to the most artistic/commercial and the realization of advertising.
Hence, the birth of a broader and more integrated contemporary vision, pushing Benedetti to put his skills and experiences at the service of more areas, guaranteeing through his artistic direction, alternative artistic projects as well as multi-faceted professional figures with multiple capable skills to fulfill different requests.