APT Program

APT Program is the section addressed to the formation of the artistic figure in the contemporary field.
The range of programs proposed were born from the personal experience of Paolo Benedetti, founder and artistic director of APT AcroPhysicalTheatre, as well as performer, acrobat, choreographer and teacher of international experience.
APT Program aims to become a reference point for the contemporary performer, especially in this historical moment in which the performative burden and the international performative requests are converging more and more towards a demanding physical expressiveness.
Benedetti says that the acrobatic element has always aroused wonder and fascination. From here we see the birth of his own contemporary vision of acrobatic techniques, fueled by a growing demand for integration between the spectacular element and the harmony that dance and theater have always given to the public. The acrobatic element itself breaks the fusion of languages, interrupting the energy and the atmosphere produced by the performers. So he felt the need to build an integration based on basic concepts, such as the recovery of the child’s primordial thought and his instinctive ability which lead him to conquer autonomously fundamental motor developmental steps which will build his movement.
Through the APT Method the performer can acquire technical/artistic and emotional/performative tools able to accompany him/her in a transversal way to the contemporary art scene.
APT and its Programs do not want to replace academic departments, but rather represent an improvement and fulfilling path, able to integrate with the skills already acquired through an academic or professional path.