It aims to become a reference point for communication agencies in order to realize photo shoots, fashion editorials, commercials, music videos, short films, or to become testimonials for any Brand, providing an alternative artistic professionalism and expressiveness
It aims to become a reference point for the contemporary performer, especially in this historical moment in which the performative burden and the international performative requests are converging more and more towards a demanding physical expressiveness


“The thing that amazed me most is the change of my body and my approach to work. I grew up a lot and I feel much more conscious in the management of the movement”
Rachele C.

“I never thought I would get to this kind of level, especially because I come from the theatrical field and not from the dancing one”
Francesco T.

“I would recommend APT Programs experience because it represented a highly educational path, besides it has helped me to develop a different point of view on movement. An experience that enriches you a lot”
Ilaria S.

“APT Programs for me is growing: both for the variety of topics covered but especially because it has helped me to manage different situations such as inadequacy and sense of judgment, even outside the rehearsal room”
Irene V.

“This method is very complete, it has its own logic, both physiological and mechanical”
Giorgio M.

“The working method of ResidenzaZERO is different from all the others I have met in my previous paths, it makes you get to a maturation and results day after day”
Rebecca E.